Wellness Champions

How are Wellness Champions defined? 

  • They promote, encourage and drive participation in BeWell Albemarle initiatives at their location.
  • They initiate building / departmental level programs.
  • They bring employee feedback to Wellness Team members.
  • They are recommended by the department head / principal of their department / school.
  • They are engaged in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
  • They are organized and able to follow through with initiatives.

How much time is involved?

The time commitment will depend on the Champions and what programs they initiate.  Many initiatives are organized by the BeWell program, and Champions will do things like post flyers, promote at staff meetings, and answer questions.  There is only a small amount of time required to do these things.

Programs that are organized by Champions at the school or departmental level will vary.  Some examples could be a Biggest Loser type of program or a walking group... the BeWell program will provide resources, a library of ideas and plans, and a small grant program to help support these initiatives. 


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