Wellness Champions

What is a Wellness Champion? 

  • Wellness Champions help “champion” ideas at their workplace that support the health of themselves and their colleagues.
  • Wellness Champions help promote BeWell Albemarle county initiatives (e.g. health clinics, MedExpert, Fitbit store).
  • Wellness Champions help organize and follow through on good ideas for building / departmental level wellness programs.

 Why be a Wellness Champion?

  • Wellness Champions are recognized as health leaders in their workplaces!
  • Wellness Champions are able to apply for grant money($) to develop ideas that support healthy programs in their workplace!
  • Wellness Champions receive great swag and recognition from BeWell Albemarle!
How much time will I need?
The time commitment will depend on the Champions and what kind of programs they promote.  Some initiatives are organized by the BeWell county program, some are developed by Champions and their colleagues, and some may already be happening and just need a little help!  Champions will do things like promote initiatives at staff meetings, answer questions, post flyers, and possibly write a grant proposal.    There is only a small amount of time required to do these things.
Programs developed by Champions at the school or department level vary.  Some examples could be a healthy eating program, a walking group, or an active meet-up.  Just make the initiatives inclusive in design to encourage maximum participation.  BeWell can provide expertise and tips, a library of ideas and plans, and possibly a small grant to help support these initiatives.  Check out the BeWell grant page for a look at some of the winning proposals from last year: http://bewell.albemarle.org/programs/Pages/grants.aspx
How do I get involved?
Each school or department needs at least one Wellness Champion.  If you want to be a Wellness Champion check the Meet the Team page to see if your department or school already has Champions.  Then let us know you are interested in joining the effort towards a healthier workplace!