Meet the Team


Each school or department needs at least one Wellness Champion.  Check this page to see if your location already has a Champion.  But don't worry - each workplace can have more than one!  If you are interested just follow the steps on the Get Involved page.

(Updated February 2021)

Schools - Elementary

​Agnor-Hurt ​Patty Murray
Baker-Butler​ Kristina O'Meara ​
Broadus Wood​ Dorothy Trotta, Jean Flaherty
​Crozet Mary Moster
​Greer Melissa Plemons
​Hollymead Eileen Gomez, Megan Kopley
Meriwether Lewis
​Mountain View ​Regina Anderson​, Sue Zeanah
Red Hill​
Scottsville​ ​Kim Gentry
​Stone-Robinson Angie Foreman; Veena Goodman ​
​Stony Point Shelby White​
​Woodbrook Pam Macpherson, Deborah Davis


Schools - Secondary / Other

​Albemarle ​Karin Anne Ryan
​Albemarle Tech
​Burley Chris Siebert, Michelle Hippert, Tracey Saxon
​CATEC ​Leslie Chisholm
​CPCS Freddy Jackson
​Henley ​Lauretta Harbilas, Dana Snead
​Jouett ​Joani Laird
​Monticello ​Tracy Shiflett
​Murray Community Charter School ​BJ Santos, Erin Wise-Ackenbom​
​Post High
​Sutherland ​Chariya Fisher
​Walton Kathryn Durkee​​
​Western ​Caitlyn Pitts, Shelby Poole

School Departments

Administration / COB ​ Jamie Gellner, Jennifer Butler
Building Services John Coles
​Child Nutrition
​Department of Technology
​Extended Day Enrichment Program ​Katie Ziegler, Jo Crowder


Government Departments

(some Departments serve both Government and School Division)

​Cville Alb. Convention & Visitors Bureau
​Circuit Court Clerk's Office
​Commonwealth Attorney's Office ​Tyler Sande
​Community Development Amelia McCulley, Victoria Kanellopoulos, Megan Nedostup
​County Attorney's Office Ayana Braxton​
​County Executive's Office Trevor Henry
​Emergency Communications Center ​Jan Farruggio
​Facilities and Environmental Services ​Stavros Calos
​Finance Department
​Fire and Rescue ​Suzanne Herndon
​Human Resources Leanne Knox, Vanessa Stangil
​Information Technology ​Lorenzo Wells
​Juvenile Detention Center ​Jodi Dillow
​Office of Management and Budget
​Parks and Recreation Tucker Rollins​
​Police ​Casey Flippin, Sam Thomas, Greg Jenkins
​Regional Jail ​Felicia Morris
​Service Authority ​Emily Niziolek
​Sheriff's Office
Social Services Helen Walters, Janie Hunter, Judy Guffey
​Voter Registration and Elections

Some departments may have multiple locations and Champions based at each site.  Contact us for edits to this listing.​​​​​​​​