Meet the Team


Recruitment for Wellness Champions has just begun!  We are asking each school or department to have at least one Wellness Champion in place – or possibly more depending on the number of employees and locations covered.  Check below to see if your school or department has any Champions yet, and if you are interested follow the steps on the Get Involved page!

Schools - Elementary

Baker-Butler​ Nicole Erdim​
Broadus Wood​ Rosamond Vaughan​
​Crozet Debbie Hajek​
​Greer Melissa Plemons​
​Meriwether Lewis
Red Hill​
​Stony Point Libby Perdue​


Schools - Secondary / Other

​Albemarle ​Karin Anne Ryan
​Burley Tracey Saxon​
​CATEC ​Leslie Chisholm
​CPCS ​Emily Falk, Kathryn Durkee
​Henley ​Lauretta Harbilas, Dana Stokes
​Jouett ​Joani Laird
​Murray High ​BJ Santos
​Post High
​Sutherland ​Chariya Fisher
​Western ​Caitlyn Pitts, Shelby Poole

School Departments

Administration / COB ​ Charlie Price​
Building Services​
​Child Nutrition
EDEP - Northern Feeder ​Amanda Gregg
​EDEP - Southern Feeder ​Tedra Thompson, Katie Ziegler
​EDEP - Western Feeder ​Grant Houchens, Tasha Stanton


Government Departments

(some Departments serve both Government and School Division)

​Circuit Court Clerk's Office
​Commonwealth Attorney's Office
​Community Development ​John Anderson
​County Attorney's Office ​Lisa Busch
​County Executive's Office ​Jody Lewis
​Emergency Communications Center ​Jan Farruggio, Gerald Smith
​Finance Department ​Tammy Critzer
​Fire and Rescue
​General Services
​Housing Department
​Human Resources John Gray
​Information Technology ​Crystal Rejonis
​Juvenile Detention Center
​Office of Management and Budget
​Office of Facilities Development ​Trevor Henry
​Parks and Recreation
​Regional Jail
​Service Authority
​Sheriff's Office
Social Services​ ​Debbie Chlebnikow
​Voter Registration and Elections

Some departments may have multiple locations and Champions based at each site.  Contact us for edits to this listing.