BeWell Albemarle is excited to start a new wellness partnership with MedExpert, a U.S. company that uses on-staff doctors and other medical staff to answer your healthcare questions.  Health care can be confusing, and this benefit will make your experience with the healthcare system easier.

MedExpert is safe, private, confidential, and completely without charge for County employees.  MedExpert does not replace your doctor, instead they work with you to ensure that you are getting the best health care possible.  MedExpert services are available for all benefits-eligible employees to use now!


How can I contact MedExpert?
MedExpert is available by phone or web portal for your convenience.

Phone: Call 1-800-999-1999, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., Eastern Time.  A real person will quickly answer the phone - no phone trees or voicemails.

Web:  Log on to your MedExpert account at  You will find links to the health screenings and self-rated online health assessment there.  Or email for help.

Will I speak to a live person?  Where are they located?
Yes, when you call MedExpert, you will quickly be talking to a Medical Information Coordinator and be given the opportunity to speak with a MedExpert Medical Director.  All MedExpert personnel are located in California.

What can MedExpert do for me?
MedExpert is staffed by their own doctors and support staff to assist patients with understanding and employing evidence-based medicine as it applies to them individually.  MedExpert also assists with interpreting benefits and treatment options, augmenting and enhancing medical information in coordination with physicians and medical offices to help beneficiaries obtain the best care possible. 

Why would I call MedExpert?  I already have a doctor.
When you call MedExpert you get current, unbiased, and accurate information immediately on all medical conditions and drugs - kind of like a second opinion.  You can discuss treatment options with one of MedExpert’s staff doctors, ask medical questions, review test results, learn about drug interactions, get assistance finding physicians/specialists and scheduling appointments, and even get help with things like local transportation or assistance with meals.  In short, MedExpert will help provide the answers to your health care questions and offer valuable assistance finding the health care resources available to you.

Can MedExpert help me understand my medications or medication program?
Yes, MedExpert has knowledge of over 22,000 pharmaceuticals and related information.  Doctors can help you understand what your medications are doing and review precautionary statements for taking multiple medications.

Is it safe to trust MedExpert with my personal health questions?
Yes, it’s safe.  All discussions with MedExpert are confidential.  MedExpert won’t give or sell any of your health information to any other groups.  MedExpert is certified to protect your Personal Health Information, does not use any cloud storage, and will store your information securely on premises and nowhere else.

Will MedExpert contact me?  What communication can I expect from MedExpert?
In cooperation with the County of Albemarle, you will receive information about the program.  This includes occasional phone calls to help you get started with the program, excellent follow-up and fast responses to your questions, and courteous and professional help with your medical questions.  If you do not want to be contacted by MedExpert, you can let them know by calling their toll-free phone number.


Please note: Albemarle County is self-insured and holds the needs of our employees paramount in managing the BeWell program.  The County also remains committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal health information.  In partnering with MedExpert, we are assured of its continuing commitment to preserving your privacy and complying with all legal requirements.  MedExpert is experienced in protecting confidential information, is required to do so under the County’s and School’s contract, and is compliant with HIPAA and other federal and state privacy protective regulations.  MedExpert provides a service that is deemed essential and proper to serve the health of our employees and thus dissemination of contact information is necessary.  Please follow this link to review our Protections from Disclosure of Medical Information policy.

MedExpert DOES NOT replace your doctor—it provides support to both you and your providers to improve your health status.