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BeWell Through the Winter Season

The winter season is a time full of joys, 
Family and friends and sometimes new toys,
Or maybe just bills and pressures and stress,
Your schedule is full and you feel like a mess.
Outside getting colder, it’s harder to play,
Eating and drinking can be a whole day.
Fear not, you can do this
And we’ve got your back,
Your friends here at BeWell
Will keep you on track!



From now through the New Year, look for weekly tips from BeWell to help you through the winter season.
Here’s the upcoming schedule:
Week Dates​ ​Topic Resources
​1 Nov. 19 - 25​ ​Healthy Weight Maintenance

Preventing Weight Gain - CDC

Finding a Balance - CDC

Mindless Eating - APA

Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less Challenge - NC State

Healthy Weight - CDC

​2 ​Nov. 26 - Dec. 2 ​Money and Finances

My Money Five - FLEC

Never Too Early or Too Late to Save - FTC

Tis the Season for Saving - CFA

Comparing Products Online - FTC

Local Events and Activities - Newsplex

Free Seasonal Fun - Charlottesville Family

​3 ​Dec. 3 - 9 ​Easy Nutrition Tips

Eating Right Isn't Complicated - AND

Processed Food - What's OK and What to Avoid - AND

Choose My Plate - USDA

Planning Meals - CDC

Healthy Habits for the Whole Family - AND

Order Well at Any Restaurant - NC State

Portion Size Pitfalls - CDC

​4 ​Dec. 10 - 16 ​Physical Activity Ideas

Benefits of Regular Exercise - CDC

Physical Activity Guidelines - CDC

Strength / Resistance Training - ACSM

Learn How to Take 10 - AHA

Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors - Mayo Clinic

Recommendations - ACSM

Basic Stretching - Mayo Clinic

​5 ​Dec. 17 - 23 Stress and Emotional Health

Stress at Work - CDC

Coping with Stress - CDC

Sleep - Sleep Research Society

3 Minute Mindfulness -

10 Minute Mindfulness - 

​6 ​Dec. 24 - 30 ​Successful Resolutions