Programs & Events - Pilot Program

BeWell has partnered with Local Food Hub and the Innovation Fund to bring fresh, local produce to County employees!  

*New option for 2nd half of season*

You can join for the 2nd half of the season and pay half the  full  season  cost!   Enjoy the August and September deliveries for $117.04.  Must  join  by Monday, July 31, 2017 -  Click here to sign up!

*Expanded pick-up options* 

You can now designate to pick up your share  at  either COB McIntire or COB 5th Street on all delivery dates! 

​​Wednesdays ​McIntire Road - 4:00 - 5:30 PM ​5th Street - 4:15 - 5:30 PM
June 14 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room A
June 28 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room B
July 12 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room C
July 26 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room A
Aug. 9 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room C
Aug. 23 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room A
Sep. 6 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room A
Sep. 20 2nd Floor Lobby ​Room B
What’s included in each FTW share?
A varying mix of the best local fruits and vegetables biweekly, June through September (8 deliveries).
Before each delivery you will receive an e-mail with share contents, source farms, healthy recipes, and food and farm news.
All produce is grown by local farmers and delivered fresh, directly to your workplace! Sample share pictured. After a successful pilot program, we hope to expand to more locations in the future!
To help shareholders make the most of their produce we will provide:
-Reference with guidelines for proper produce storage and safe home food handling
-Recipe bank of simple, health-focused recipes
-Swapportunity table at delivery: trade less favorite for more favorite!
$234.08 per share (~$29 per delivery) - must be paid in full by May 31, 2017
*The cost covers the entire season - all 8 deliveries of produce*

Too much produce for you? Cost holding you back? Split the share (and the cost) with a coworker!

-Payment must be by check payable to Local Food Hub
-Send checks to Human Resources attn: Farm to Workplace
-In order to launch this program, we first need at least 36 participants, so sign up today!
Need inspiration? Take a look at what others have created with their shares!

*Photos are from Local Food Hub and Crutchfield employee participants