BeWell Grants - 2019

BeWell Grants are intended for department- or school-level projects and initiatives that support employee wellbeing.

Deadline to apply:  March 31, 2019
Projects must be completed by:  December 31, 2019
What you need to apply:
• an idea - wouldn't it be great if...
... we had some cooking classes at our school
... we had a daily meditation desk calendar
... we had a walking group after work
... or have another idea?
• support from your supervisor and principal or director
• perhaps a helper or two depending on project
BeWell Grant application (Word)
BeWell Grant application (PDF)​
Sample completed BeWell Grant application
​BeWell Grants from previous years
​BeWell Grants photos and highlights

When your application is complete, just email the application to or send it in the pony mail.


New:  Sustainability grants available for previous awards.  If you received BeWell Grant funding in the past, and your project needs some updates, repairs, etc., just email your request to
Q:  How will the recipients be selected?
A:  There is a grant review committee that will be making the determination for each application.
Q:  What are the criteria for awarding the winning applications?
A:  Awards are based on thoroughness of planning, alignment with County and/or ACPS Strategic plans, number of potential employees who may benefit, and the relative cost per employee.
Q:  Where do I find the Strategic Plans mentioned in the application?
A:  Click here to see the County of Albemarle Strategic Plan. Click here to see the Albemarle County Public Schools Strategic Plan. There are also many department / school level plans, goals and priorities - visit individual sites or talk to your supervisor for more information.
Q:  Is there a limit to the available grant funds?
A:  Yes, the program is limited to $20,000 of total funding - and the maximum amount available per initiative is $3,000.
Q:  What if I am not a Wellness Champion, but I have an idea for a grant?
A:  You can still apply. Also, you can recruit your school / department Champion for your project, and it's easy to become a Champion - click here to learn how!

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