March Self-Care Challenge


Let’s be real: Self-care can FEEL like a real challenge.

Especially these days when the amount we have on our plate only seems to grow. Although self-care is foundational, and fundamental to a happy, healthy, and productive life, it all too easily falls to the bottom of the “to-do” list, if not dropping off of it completely.

You’ve likely heard the semi-cliche maxims of “you can’t pour from an empty cup” or “put on your oxygen mask before assisting others”. Well, both of these are in fact true.

To help encourage you to put yourself back on your list of priorities,

BeWell Albemarle’s first wellness challenge of 2021 is a Self-Care Challenge.

This challenge runs from

Monday, March 1st - Wednesday, March 31st.

We will be focusing on four pillars of Self-Care:

Eat / Sleep / Move / Breathe

By making a conscious effort each day, to eat, sleep, move, and breathe well, you have the power to drastically change how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.



What, how, when to eat is one of the hottest topics in the nutrition world. But not to worry, we are keeping this SIMPLE. No counting calories, carbs, etc. Instead, the focus will be on color. Each day, try to eat each color in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, plus white & brown). Eating the rainbow will give you a wide diversity of phytochemicals and nutrients that will support overall physical and mental health. 

Check out this guide on the benefits of eating the rainbow, and suggestions for incorporating more colors into your snacks and meals. 


Sleep confers amazing health benefits, like improving memory and mental outlook, as well as bolstering the immune system. While there are disagreements as to just how much sleep one should get a night, the overall consensus remains that between 7-9 hours a night is good to aim for. For this challenge, we are aiming for the minimum: 7 hours is the goal here

Tips on improving sleep quality, setting up a good sleep environment, and sleep-friendly habits can be found here.


Does this one sound daunting? Fear not! If exercise has been something you’ve loathed most of your life, you are in good company. We have largely been conditioned to believe that exercise is supposed to be agonizing and unpleasant, end of story. However, we’d REALLY like to flip the script on this one. Exercise, or put another way, moving your body, can (and should) be enjoyable and joyful! For 20 minutes a day, find a movement that feels good to you, and do it. It can be walking, running, yoga, pilates, dancing, whatever activity gets you moving, and ideally, you enjoy doing.

Check out this Happiness Lab podcast about how to go from viewing exercise as a form of punishment, to a celebration of being alive.


We all need a break, and the more we can create a habit of taking a few minutes to breathe, relax, meditate, or pray, the better. Pausing and taking a few minutes to reset can decrease your reactivity, lower your stress levels, and can break cyclical thinking.

Here are a few different options to try:

  • GuidanceResources relaxation break

  • 5 Minute Guided Meditation

  • Mindful Breathing Meditation

  • Find a comfortable seat, set a timer for 5 minutes, and focus on your breath

  • Lay down on the floor, set a timer for 5 minutes, and focus on your breath

  • Some Fitbits have a ‘Relaxation’ feature. Try their 5 minute session

How to do it:

This challenge will be hosted on Challenge Runner. You will need to set up an account here if you haven’t yet. You can either access the challenge on your web browser, or download the Challenge Runner app for easier access.

To sign up for the challenge, click here.

If you have a Fitness Tracker, you can sync it to your Challenge Runner account so your active minutes, and sleep duration, will be automatically pulled in. Alternately, you can manually enter your data daily, and for up to 7 days prior.