Mental Wellness Survey Results

A total of 612 Local Government, ACPS, and partner agency employees participated in this survey sent out in December 2020. Here are the results:

Employees were most aware of the Fitbit program and least aware of MedExpert Health Decision Support.


Support in coping with Stress is the #1 request, followed by Work/Life Balance.


Over half of participants would try a meditation app, but only about a third would try a yoga or meditation class over Zoom.



BeWell has a 3 out of 5 star rating in supporting mental health needs:


When we asked what else BeWell could do to support mental health and well-being, and any feedback individuals had, these were the main sentiments shared:

  • Employees need to feel a greater sense of connection to each other
  • Keeping a work/life balance is especially challenging
  • A break is needed from Zoom
  • Employees want to support their peers, and be checked in on as well
  • Constant changes in work status produces a feeling of vulnerability
  • Time is extremely limited, which makes it difficult to utilize programs and support mental wellbeing
  • Employees would like exercise programs to help de-stress
  • BeWell programs need to be more frequently promoted


We will keep all of your comments and feedback in mind as we continue to create programming to help support your mental and overall well-being. 

If there is something we missed that you want to share, reach us at