​Holiday Resilience

2020 has presented a lot of challenges to weather. From Thanksgiving until New Years, BeWell Albemarle will be sending out weekly emails sharing tips on how to foster greater resilience throughout the holiday season. Employees are encouraged to reply to the email sharing their own personal resilience strategies. Consider sharing your own ideas, because what works for you may inspire someone else. Check back often to see how fellow Albemarle County employees are building a healthy holiday season.

Week 1: November 25th

I read selfishly.

I love fiction and even though I have 100 books I could be reading for professional development, escaping into a fictional world makes my heart light!​

My goal is to start each day early to make the most of the daylight hours, read from the Bible before getting stuck on my phone, and to take a long walk each day. And remember to consider something to be grateful for each day before sleeping.​

Play more Dungeons and Dragons. Get out of my own head for a while and into the head of fantasy hero.​​

A nap! 

On my days off I allow myself a nap even if it is 30 minutes long and if I can’t do that I go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier.  Rest has been my word of the year and in the chaos that has been 2020, it has b​een much needed and rejuvenating.​

Take time to exercise and close my circles! Zoom doesn’t win when I go outside. 

I will snuggle my cat.

​I will choose to spend time every day relaxing, exercising, crafting or listening to an audio book.​

I WILL completely read at least TWO books over the break and continue my training to receive my Master's norm in Chess

Daily walks​

​A choice I make for self-care is to use my stress ball, and breath. Taking this mental break helps me release and realign myself.

Being sure to pray and give Thanks for all my blessings​

​I will start each day of the holiday with a cup of hot tea, watching the birds at my feeders and appreciating a few meaningful minutes of tranquility.​

Exercise or walk 30 minutes

I take time to be by myself. It could be reading, shopping, or just watching television. Alone time is precious!​

Find yourself a good Massage Therapist and sticking with the same one, bi-weekly.

I get up early to have quiet time just for me!​

Eat responsibility and healthy​​

​One of my strategies is to try to remind myself of the roles I play in other’s lives, and thinking of myself in the third person seems to give me ‘permission’ for self care.

​I’m going to do a better job of taking breaks during the day – “pushing through” becomes an unhealthy habit that can be very hard to break.

Do at least 2 yoga classes, maybe 3 outside.  Read daily, take a bath and ​soak

I prioritize Tuesday evening to do a Zoom yoga class. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me. It is something I need to do for me that helps me give later to others.  


Week 2: December 2nd

Not doing anything work or school-related. 😊

I am anticipating picking up my mom from her assisted living facility in Pennsylvania and bringing her to my home for Xmas.  They have been on lockdown since she moved in there.  She hasn’t seen any family in person since September!  I am very excited to share the joy of the holidays with her.

Spending time with my adult children during the holidays.

I am trying to live more in the moment, yet, I am hopeful for a new start in 2021. I know that changes can happen at anytime, but I believe once this COVID is over, we ​​will all have new perspectives on life.


Each morning I look forward to a nice cup of coffee before the hustle of the day starts.  I am also long term looking forward to winter break filled with quiet days, holiday movies and maybe some snow if we are lucky!!

Spending time with FAMILY!

I am looking forward to when everyone gets the vaccine.

I am looking forward to having a HUGE family gathering.

I’m also anxiously awaiting the time when I can travel the world over, safely! 

Looking forward to spending “down time” with family doing activities together.

I look forward to my appointments to talk to far-away friends on the phone.

I had only lived in Charlottesville for about a month when we had to stay at home, so I never got to properly explore Charlottesville. Therefore, I’m looking forward to exploring, as well as going back to school, seeing my family again, and celebrating my son’s third birthday.

I am looking forward to the end of the virus and all things associated with it.

Post-COVID, I am looking forward to going to Barnes & Noble, enjoying a large mug of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, reading a magazine, smelling the ‘bookstore/café’ aromas, and people-watching.  I have missed this small treat to myself so much.

Spending Christmas with family this year.  Sharing good food, stories and our time with each other.

I’m looking forward to daily hikes on our days off. I hope they turn into daily runs, but I’ll be happy if they are just walks.

Decorating gingerbread houses with my kids. 

I look forward to a less structured time when I can enjoy my family and friends (however we can), relax, read, exercise- all without school demands (and Zoom!) weighing on me.


Seeing the wonderful beautiful snow falling​​​​

Week 3: December 9th

​Week 4: December 18th

​Week 5: December 23rd​

Week 6: December 29th