The 9 Dimensions of Wellness During COVID-19

There are many facets of well-being.   Below we focus on 9 to  support your whole self health.  While these are relevant any time, they are especially beneficial to focus on during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Physical (Need for physical activity, sleep, good nutrition):
- Include fruits and vegetables in your diet
- Drink ½ body weight in ounces of water
- Get moving outside for 20 minutes
- Turn up your favorite song and DANCE
- Stream an at-home exercise (see exercise resources below)
  • Try a yoga app (here)
  • Alo Moves yoga and pilates classes (here)
  • Additional fitness studios (here)
- Supplement with 600 IU of vitamin D3 (source)
- Supplement with 15 mg zinc (source)
- Sleep for at least 7 hours
- Disinfect phone, computer, steering wheel, and other frequently touched objects

Mental (Healthy thoughts, coping with life’s stressors):
- Try a deep breathing exercise (here)
- Try a meditation (here) or (here)
- Take a break from screens for 1 hour
- Refrain from looking at your phone for the first 30 minutes of the day
- Take a relaxation break (here)
- Take a break from the news!

Emotional (Expressing your emotions; having healthy relationships):
- Talk with a loved one
- Journal
- Create a vision board with old magazines (here)
- Reach out to GuidanceResources (here)
- Explore "Being resilient during Coronavirus" (here)

Social (Having a sense of belonging, connection, and support):
- Call, email, text, or Facetime a friend
- Throw a Netflix party (here)
- Write and send a letter
- “Gather” together on the House Party app (here)
- Find a live-streamed concert from your favorite artist

Spiritual (Sense of purpose and meaning in life):
- Set time aside to pray/meditate (here)
- Create or join a religious meeting online
- Create a shrine or altar in your home
- Find a new ritual that fulfills you

Environmental (Having a pleasant, stimulating environment):
- Pick flowers for your home
- Listen to a recording of nature sounds
- Light a candle
- Open the blinds to let more light in
- Clear the clutter (and improve mental health!) (here)

Occupational (Work satisfaction and enrichment):

- Write down 5 things you enjoy about your work
- Reach out to a coworker to brighten their day
- Assess your work/life balance
- Explore how to improve one aspect of your work


Financial (Satisfaction with current and future finances):
- Communicate money matters openly
- Make a list of financial priorities
- Determine financial goals and understand your current situation
- Refer to EAP Financial Guidance (here)


Intellectual (Expanding knowledge and skill):
- View the National Portrait Gallery (here)
- Take a free course online through an Ivy League college (here)
- Start a new book (or reread an old favorite)
- Learn a new language (here)
- Visit 12 museums from around the world (here)
- View images from Parisian museums (here)
- Tour a National Park (here)
- Learn to play an instrument (Learn to play an instrument (here)
- Try a new recipe (here)