Wellness During COVID-19


As we are entering into an uncertain time with the new coronavirus pandemic, we are facing significant challenges to our wellness every day:


  • An overload of news that leaves us feeling overwhelmed; 
  • Social distancing that is making us more isolated;
  • Work changes that may make us feel financially vulnerable;
  • Gym and studio closures that interrupt our fitness routine. 


The list goes on, and it takes a toll on our health, happiness, and wellbeing. 

That's why we have created this wellness "challenge", to provide stability, support, and resources for our Albemarle County family. Unlike our challenges in the past, this one doesn’t come with prizes.
Finding and maintaining your new level of wellness in uncertain times is the goal. Let's harness this time, as best as we are able, to come out better on the other side, with more self-care, healthier habits, or maybe a new perspective.
Below is a list of activities you can do to support all dimensions of wellness. Don’t feel you have to do them all! Find what works for you, and know we are here for you.
***Disclaimer- We encourage employees to choose items within your comfort range. This challenge is intended to bring joy, not stress. For the full BeWell Disclaimer- click here.

Here are the details:

Runs from Wednesday, April 1st until Thursday, April 30th 

Choose from any of the activities below to bring greater wellness into your life.

Feeling lonely? Check out our “Social Wellness activities”

Stressed about money? Make your way down to our “Financial Wellness activities"

Every time you do an activity, record it on your Challenge Runner app, or on the Challenge Runner web page.  Need help with your Challenge Runner account? Go here.

Do as many or as few activities as you’d like! This is all about YOU.

(There are no time restrictions to logging activities during the challenge)


Dimensions of Wellness:


Physical (Need for physical activity, sleep, good nutrition):
- Include fruits and vegetables in your diet
- Drink ½ body weight in ounces of water
- Get moving outside for 20 minutes
- Turn up your favorite song and DANCE
- Stream an at-home exercise (see exercise resources below)
  • Try a yoga app (here)
  • Alo Moves yoga and pilates classes (here)
  • Additional fitness studios (here)
- Supplement with 600 IU of vitamin D3 (source)
- Supplement with 15 mg zinc (source)
- Sleep for at least 7 hours
- Disinfect phone, computer, steering wheel, and other frequently touched objects

Mental (Healthy thoughts, coping with life’s stressors):
- Try a deep breathing exercise (here)
- Try a meditation (here) or (here)
- Take a break from screens for 1 hour
- Refrain from looking at your phone for the first 30 minutes of the day
- Take a relaxation break (here)
- Take a break from the news!

Emotional (Expressing your emotions; having healthy relationships):
- Talk with a loved one
- Journal
- Create a vision board with old magazines (here)
- Reach out to GuidanceResources (here)(*won't appear on leaderboard for privacy*)
- Explore "Being resilient during Coronavirus" (here)

Social (Having a sense of belonging, connection, and support):
- Call, email, text, or Facetime a friend
- Throw a Netflix party (here)
- Write and send a letter
- “Gather” together on the House Party app (here)
- Find a live-streamed concert from your favorite artist

Spiritual (Sense of purpose and meaning in life):
- Set time aside to pray/meditate (here)
- Create or join a religious meeting online
- Create a shrine or altar in your home
- Find a new ritual that fulfills you

Environmental (Having a pleasant, stimulating environment):
- Pick flowers for your home
- Listen to a recording of nature sounds
- Light a candle
- Open the blinds to let more light in
- Clear the clutter (and improve mental health!) (here)

Occupational (Work satisfaction and enrichment):

- Write down 5 things you enjoy about your work
- Reach out to a coworker to brighten their day
- Assess your work/life balance
- Explore how to improve one aspect of your work


Financial (Satisfaction with current and future finances):
- Communicate money matters openly
- Make a list of financial priorities
- Determine financial goals and understand your current situation
- Refer to EAP Financial Guidance (here)


Intellectual (Expanding knowledge and skill):
- View the National Portrait Gallery (here)
- Take a free course online through an Ivy League college (here)
- Start a new book (or reread an old favorite)
- Learn a new language (here)
- Visit 12 museums from around the world (here)
- View images from Parisian museums (here)
- Tour a National Park (here)
- Learn to play an instrument (Learn to play an instrument (here)
- Try a new recipe (here)