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BeWell Grants - Pilot Program

2016 Update:

The BeWell Grant Committee received a total of 18 applications requesting approximately $26,000 of funding… and we had $10,000 available to use for this program.  This made the work of the Committee very challenging, and ultimately we funded or partially funded 13 of the grant requests.

Department / School ​Project Title ​Brief Description
ACPS - COB ​Chair Massage ​Offer chair massages to boost employee energy and productivity.
Baker-Butler Elementary​ School ​Cvilleathon Bears ​Offer partial race entry scholarships for participants to complete 26.2 miles of races in series.
​Cale Elementary School ​Pedal Desks ​Install pedal desks in Media Center to increase physical activity.
CATEC​ ​Vertical Garden ​Build and install vertical wall garden to grow herbs and vegetables.
Community Development ​Bike Albemarle ​Install outdoor bike pump and repair station and offer bicycle repair class.
Community Public Charter​ School ​Hula Health ​Build and decorate hula hoops to use for physical activity.
Emergency Communications Center​ ​The Dispatching Dead ​Install treadmill desks for employees to use while working.
Economic Development​ ​Bootcamp Demo ​Bring in trainer to lead 30-min bootcamp demonstration.
Facilities and Environmental Services​ ​County Bikes ​Provide bikes and equipment for employee usage.
Police​​ Department ​Wellness Equipment Provide equipment for gathering participant fitness data in order to measure progress.
Stony Point Elementary School​ ​Live Your Best ​Provide equipment to be used in fitness classes coordinated by teacher / trainer.
​Transportation ​Noon Walk Group ​Provide prizes for participants in group who meet certain walking milestones.
​Walton Middle School ​Exercise Everywhere Install exercise equipment in hallways for use throughout the day.

The BeWell Grant Committee members for 2016 are:
Tim Driver – Assistant Principal, Western Albemarle High School
Kimberly Gentry – Physical Education Teacher, Scottsville Elementary
Chrystal King – Child Care Services Worker, Department of Social Services
Leanne Knox – Program Manager for Safety and Wellness, Human Resources


BeWell Grants are intended for department- or school-level projects and initiatives that support employee wellness.

Deadline to apply:  April 15, 2016

Projects must be completed by:  October 31, 2016

What you need to apply:

  • an idea (wouldn't it be great if...)
  • support from your supervisor and principal or director
  • perhaps a helper or two depending on project

Click here to open BeWell Grant application (Word).

Click here to open BeWell Grant application (PDF).

Save a copy for your usage, and fill it in as you gather the necessary information. Then when it's complete, just email the application to or send it in the pony mail.

Click here to see sample completed BeWell Grant application.

You may request prizes to help with participation in your project... see photo for examples of BeWell Grant prizes:




Q:  What if I am not a Wellness Champion, but I have an idea for a grant?

A:  You can still apply. Also, you can recruit your school / department Champion for your project, and it's easy to become a Champion - click here to learn how! 


Q:  Is there a limit to the available grant funds?

A:  Yes, the Pilot Program is limited to $10,000 of total funding. Also the maximum amount available per initiative is $3,000.


Q:  How will the recipients be selected?

A:  There is a grant review committee that will be making the determination for each application.


Q:  Where do I find the Strategic Plans mentioned in the application?

A:  Click here to see the County of Albemarle Strategic Plan. Click here to see the Albemarle County Public Schools Strategic Plan. There are also many department / school level plans, goals and priorities - visit individual sites or talk to your supervisor for more information.