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Quit smoking 1 year ago:  Melissa

How long were you a smoker? 
I smoked for about 17 years - other than during pregnancy.
What motivated you to quit? 
There are so many motivators. Number one, my six-year-old son needs me. I also truly wanted to be healthy, inside and out. I did not want people to see me smoking and it became quite embarrassing. I often wondered what others thought when they saw me smoking and my son was nearby. I could smell cigarettes on kids at school and didn’t want my son smelling like that. My son would tell me, “Mommy please stop cigaretting,” whenever he saw me and that really helped put the addiction into perspective. Although I chose to not smoke during pregnancy and while breast feeding, I realized that cigarettes were still affecting both of us, not just me.  
How did you do it? 
I talked to my doctor a few times. My parents quit with Chantix, but that wasn’t an option for me. I analyzed my addiction. Smoking was part of my routine. I knew it was “time” for a cigarette based on my schedule. I had trained myself to incorporate this into my daily life. Knowing how strong and influential the subconscious is, I played free smoking cessation podcasts on Youtube as I was going to sleep for a couple of weeks. I chose a date and told my addiction that I was done with it and that I was not going to be a part of it anymore. I changed my mindset for my daily timeline. Instead of it being time to smoke, I made it time to drink a cup of hot tea.  I also used an app on my phone – Quit Now!. I did the free version and it told me how many days I had gone, how much money I had saved, and how much life time I have saved. I celebrated whenever I got an opportunity. Whether it was a high five from my son, a special dinner for reaching 6 months or a “way to go” from friends – they all go a long way and mean a lot. 
What would you say to someone else who was considering quitting?
The main thing is that you have to want to quit. Nobody can make the decision for you. Think about your particular situation – every addition is unique. If you fail, it’s ok. Learn from it and use it as a tool to succeed. Remember you can and will survive without the cigarettes.  Now I smell cigarette smoke and it makes me nauseous. My skin is clearer and firmer. I can taste and smell better. I have better lung strength. I seriously cannot think of one thing that I miss from smoking cigarettes. You must celebrate the milestones – like when you hit one month, 6 months and then a year and so on. Think about the money you will save, the added health for you and loved ones, having a clear clean mind, body and soul.